Tan, Hair, & Makeup


Stage presentation is important and also a part of judging! A professional tan, along with hair and make-up can help you standout more.  You’ve worked hard on your physique so make sure it is represented in the best way possible.  Instructions for booking one or all of these services is below. Tan, Hair, and Make-up agreements are coordinated with the service provider.  For online booking for tan, hair, or make-up please visit TMFTAN.com/book-now OR Scan the QR code!

  1. Choose “INBF All Natural Competition”
  2. Choose “Service”
  3. Choose “Ms Tina” for Ladies,  “Tina2” for Men
  4. Fill out the form and pay the required deposit.

Repeat the above steps if you would like to book Hair and/or Make-Up.

If you have any issues with booking, PLEASE do not book twice! Please TEXT Ms. Tina at 843-504-1165